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Own It Girl

Jul 28, 2021

Should you list your house on AirBnB? How does it work and what are the downsides? Diane Brennan and Tina Tamboer dive deep into not only the basic questions, but the larger picture - including how it affects market demand and lots of things most people don't realize.

Diane talks about her experience with a second home...

Jul 21, 2021

There are key things to keep in mind when working out a settlement during a divorce. We talk about getting a home warranty, getting inspections, and what to look out for when talking to realtors.

We discussed a lot about divorce and real estate in episode 5, and you should check it out to get the full scope of things to...

Jul 14, 2021

Jonathon Keenan and Courtney Crowder with Bay Equity Home Loans sit down with us and talk lending and what they love about their jobs! We'll talk about lending in general as well.

We'll also talk about a Defend the Caveman segment and we're fully prepared to put the guys in studio on the spot. Talkin' junk!

We talk...

Jul 7, 2021

Alison Armstrong joins us for this special episode! She's spent decades helping women understand men and vice versa. She's an inspiration and she'll share some of the secrets to a healthier relationship.

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty sits down with Alison and discusses a few critical thoughts about...