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Own It Girl

Sep 30, 2020

We've got a wide range to cover today! We talk about crazy realtor stories - one in particular involves a lady who copies her clients on emails to prove she's doing her job.

Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans and I will talk about a crazy coincidence between my client and a lender on Tom's team.

"Diva" Danielle Williams, our social community director talks about our volunteer opportunity of the week and Arizona Helping Hands, and she'll talk about a fun thing to do in Chandler. Jolie's has live music! Visit them at for more details.

We will talk about colonics today. We talk to Carolyn Berry, how she got started (and how colonics saved her life), the importance of gut health, and everything else you wanted to know about colonics (including what you should do AFTER a visit). To see all the locations and to visit the website, go to