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Own It Girl

Mar 30, 2022

We talk all about personal growth today and so much more! Matt Gottesman, host of the podcast "Hustle Sold Separately" joins us to talk about how aligning your passion, values and being your authentic self in business, breeds success. And what is success to you?
We also have the latest on the AZ Real estate front. Will prices continue to rise?  How about buying a house for your parents?  There's a mortgage to help you do just that.  Find out about Freddie Mac's Parent Purchase Program. 
In this week's volunteer opportunity we introduce you to Silver Lining Riding. It's is an equine-assisted learning center specializing in adaptive/therapeutic riding and horsemanship.  People with physical, emotional, psychological, and educational needs have all benefited from the program.
And our Adventure Girl tells about a great little place she tried called Little Woody in Phoenix and we find out about her date there.  Ever want to go in a ride in a hot air balloon. Heather did and tells us all about it! 
Diane Brennan 
Coldwell Banker Realty
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Ashleigh Herman
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Justin Volpone
Loan Officer
Bay Equity Home Loans
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Adventure Girl
Heather Perreault
Matthew Gottesman
Hustle Sold Separately Podcast
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Volunteer Opportunity
Silver Lining
Place to Try
The Little Woody
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Arizona Balloon Safaris