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Own It Girl

Oct 12, 2022

We start off the show by getting an adorable pep talk from a kindergartner.  So cute!! Our favorite lender Justin is back from his bachelor party and we find out if Austin, Texas is all it's cracked up to be. We talk about the places to take someone you hate in Phoenix, words you need to know if you want to hang with Gen Z. What's going on with interest rates and the Arizona Real Estate Market. Find out how much money OpenDoor has lost in Phoenix area real estate. Plus we talk about how the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City roasted Scottsdale on the show and how all the big wigs are using genetic testing to get healthy.  We also have a great volunteer opportunity to tell you about,  plus so much more on this edition of Own it Girl - Way More Than Real Estate 

Diane Brennan
Coldwell Banker Realty
IG: @myrealtordianebrennan

Justin Volpone
Loan Officer
Bay Equity Home Loans
IG: @justinvolpone

Gayle Bass


Volunteer Opportunity

Kitchen On The Street


Things we talked about on the show:


Number that let's kindergartners give you a pep talk - 




10X Health Systems

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