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Own It Girl

Oct 26, 2022

Why do women like First Responders?  Find out why a man understands now. We give you the salad dressing recipe from Olivia Wilde that is rumored to have made Jason Sudakis upset that she made it for another man, Harry Styles. We discuss this difficult market, how it's affecting the livelihoods of everyone and hitting real estate agents and mortgage lenders hard and not only home buyers. A great volunteer opportunity so you can go to Super Bowl and a fun thing to do for halloween. 
Diane Brennan
Coldwell Banker Realty
IG: @myrealtordianebrennan

Justin Volpone
Loan Officer
Bay Equity Home Loans
IG: @justinvolpone
Volunteer Opportunity
The King Foundation - Volunteer for Superebowl
Fun Thing To Do
Raven's 16th Annual Halloween Bash
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