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Own It Girl

Sep 16, 2020

What an episode! When borrowing money for a home there are some pitfalls and tips that are critically important for you to know! We have our lending expert, Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans here to give you some of the most important things to keep in mind when borrowing money for a home loan. 

We jump into a new version of "Defend the Caveman", and we'll let the guys choose... Spitting or Bad Breath..

We have Jennifer Caraway in studio with us. She's part of "Diva" Danielle's segment focusing on a charity here in the Valley that you can help with. It's called Joybus, a nonprofit serving homebound cancer patients with fresh, healthful meals, social support, and nutrition education at NO COST to the client. We get some interesting insight into what it takes and how you can help. Visit for more information.

"Diva" also covers a fun thing to do - Brian McKnight is in concert here in the Valley - but you attend in your car! Check it out and get more information here.