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Own It Girl

Dec 30, 2020

It's our last episode of 2020! Hosted by Diane Brennan, a realtor with Coldwell Banker along with Tom Ross, with Bay Equity Home Loans, and "Diva" Danielle Williams, our Social Community Director.

On this episode we talk about Diane's heat going out, a special gift she got from a neighbor, and what Tom and Danielle did for the holidays.

We jump into our technical director's trip to Arkansas (by car) with the family and we'll play a short clip of his son opening his gift!

We talk about pet peeves in our Defend the Caveman segment. We'll let Tom tell us one of his biggest peeves with women, and Diane will talk about one she heard about where women interrupt a man too soon after they ask their opinion. Diane talks about "mansplainers" and her COMPLETE lack of tolerance for that.

We'll talk about improving your credit score, Diva talks about a fun thing to do for New Years Eve with the "Say good bye to 2020 New Year's Eve party" at the Urban Corner in Goodyear. She'll also talk about a volunteer opportunity called Matters of Senior Living that helps seniors find support, love and comfort in their golden years.