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Own It Girl

Jun 3, 2020

On today's episode I sit down with Jennifer Arias, better known in the Valley as Jen the Builder! Ladies, if you're looking for an inspiring story, look no further. Jen is from a small town in Arkansas, and realized her skillset had a great application in the world of contracting. 

Jen prides herself on being honest and up front with those looking for contracting help - even to the point of recommending that the person acts as General Contractor on a job themselves.

She also talks about

  • How she learned to value her skill set and put it to work in the marketplace
  • The importance of submitting permits
  • The particular challenge to working on a condo
  • An incredible story about some terrible work done on a property (she also shared photos of it on her Instagram account, here)
  • The importance of a pre-construction contract. This is a huge benefit to both parties for a remodel.

Jen started her full time contracting in 2018 and hasn't looked back. Go to and you'll see some incredible photos of remodel and builds she's done as a general contractor.

Tom Ross of Bay Equity did the heavy lifting as the host of the show while I sat down with Jen and did the interview. We also have That Market Report of course with Tina Tamboer who will share even more good news about how quickly things are recovering since the Coronavirus outbreak. Is it going to last? We'll make sure to keep you posted every week.