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Own It Girl

Jun 24, 2020

Ladies, we NEED to talk about retirement! It's time we jump in and get this handled. We talk with my good friend Andi Schooler, of Duell Financial Strategies. We're going to talk about the biggest mistakes that women make when it comes to retirement, how much women need to retire, and much more!

We'll get a report specifically on the city of Phoenix from Tina Tamboer and That Market Report, and Tom Ross of Bay Equity talks about conventional financing as part of our continuing series on home loans.

Our Social Community Director "Diva" Danielle Williams shares a fun activity to do in the Valley (bingo?) at CB Live (see the Facebook Event here) and an amazing charity called Lost Our Home that helps place pet adoptions and foster care for displaced pets.

It's a packed show and we'll have lots to cover! Join us!