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Own It Girl

Sep 8, 2021

It is exhausting keeping up with trends! So we looked to Designer Maria Killam who we love here on the show.

Did you know the color grey has been out for over three years?
What?!?! Designer Maria Killam says it was over even before the pandemic!! She says buying grey is over!! We'll talk about where grey is being used primarily, what's trending now, and some specific items and colors to buy to contrast it.

She says the good news is that these tones will warm up all the grey you have!!

We also talk to Comedienne August O'Neal! Wild, hilarious, and a fan of all of us. I talk to her and Diva about how they got started in comedy and we learn a lot about these two funny women. And you must hear the story about Scooby Doo getting in a fight - and why August is no longer in Hollywood! Such a funny story!

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