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Own It Girl

Jan 26, 2022

We talk Arizona real estate as well we talk to a real Sugar Daddy and find out all about this arrangement. Curious? We sure were!
On this podcast:  Realtor & Host Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker, Ashleigh Herman with Realty One Group, Courtney Crowder & Stacy Voss with Bay Equity, Marcus, host of "Secrets of a Sugar Daddy" podcast.
(2:48) UNSUNG HEROES PROGRAM - How we help first responders in the Valley buy or sell a home. We contribute 25% of our commission to help the first responder , Bay Equity gives the hero back 1.4 of 1% of the total loan amount and our participating title companies give back as well.  First responders include police officers, firefighters, active duty military, Veterans, 911 operators and emergency room personnel. Reach us at
(3:39) CONGRATS to our clients!
(4:18) GILBERT - Is it really teeming with singles or does it still have the stigma of being a "family" place. We discuss. 
(5:26) MCCORMICK RANCH, SCOTTSDALE - We have a new listing in a great area in Scottsdale, AZ 
(5:45) BUYER BEWARE - This company is essentially advertising “free cash” to homeowners.  It appears that once the homeowner signs their agreement and they get the “free cash,” MV Realty, or someone else under their umbrella, records a signed Memorandum of Agreement against the property where the homeowner agrees to use MV Realty any time in the future to sell their home.  The recorded Memorandum is essentially a lien on the property so it clouds the title.  If the homeowner at any time in the future decides to sell using another company, they can't close without MV removing the Memorandum Agreement which will cost the homeowner thousands of $$$.   One complaint was written by the trustee of a property after their Dad had passed away and the trustee sold the property.  The trustee never knew that the Dad (who apparently had Alzheimer’s) signed this agreement until it showed up on the title.  The trustee had to pay this company thousands of $$$$ to get the lien removed.  The trustee complained and he received a letter written in “legalese” that they are not doctors and did not know Dad was mentally impaired, and the agreement of course also included some language that includes all heirs successors. 
(7:38) TIK TOK - Diane's love of Tik Tok continues and she posts them on her IG stories. If you want to follow the IG stories that Stacey loves on Diane's feed, just follow her on IG @myrealtordianebrennan
(9:50) BANISHED WORDS LIST - We all still want to use these! Lake Superior University came out with the list of words they'd like to see banished in 2022.
(13:29)  OWN IT GIRL'S MARKET REPORT - Find out how low listings are in a few of the cities in the Phoenix metro area.
(14:20) SUGAR DADDY AND SUGAR BABIES - Marcus is the host of "Secrets of a Sugar Daddy" podcast and a real live Sugar Daddy. We find out all about the ins and outs of these arrangements. 


Diane Brennan, Coldwell Banker Realty, 602-620-2277

IG & Tik Tok: @myrealtordianebrennan

Ashleigh Herman, Realty One Group,, 480-532-3140
Courtney Crowder 
Bay Equity Home Loans
Stacey Voss
SW Business Development Officer
"Secrets of a Sugar Daddy" podcast