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Own It Girl

Jul 21, 2021

There are key things to keep in mind when working out a settlement during a divorce. We talk about getting a home warranty, getting inspections, and what to look out for when talking to realtors.

We discussed a lot about divorce and real estate in episode 5, and you should check it out to get the full scope of things to consider.

We talk to Dawn Ryan, who is a life coach who specializes in helping people cope with divorce and the entire process. She has a 12-week program that helps spell out how to analyze and work through the self-care process and how to prioritize things for your own well being.

Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report show goes in depth on quit claim deeds or disclaimer deeds. Tom Ross with Bay Equity joins in the conversation and talks about the important distinctions when it comes to community property states. Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty talks to Tom about at what point you can start the process of looking for a new home after a divorce, and also talks about the importance of having a conversation with your realtor and lender for help with YOUR specific divorce challenges.

One critical part of choosing a home as a buyer (specifically after divorce) your realtor needs to help keep you grounded when you fall in love with a home! We'll talk about the 'Buyer Advisory' document, which is a great resource for learning a LOT about the neighborhood and even the type of insects in the area! 

So much information in this episode. Share with a friend who is going through this difficult process alone.

Resources and Links:

Dawn Ryan's website and coaching resources are at You can find her on Instagram @DanceThru

To reach Diane:

Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow
Instagram @myrealtordianebrennan
Phone: 602-620-2277

To reach Tom:

The Tom Ross Team at Bay Equity website
By phone: 602-684-8200
Office is located at 5635 East Thomas Road, Office 13, Phoenix, AZ 85018

To reach Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report:

"Diva" Danielle Williams is @1AndOnlyDivaDanielle on Instagram and here on Facebook! Her Community Link AZ Facebook page is here.