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Own It Girl

Aug 5, 2020

In this episode we finally have Tom Ross with Bay Equity back in studio! He'll tell us about Carmel, California, and we'll see if he can handle all the pressure of being around all of us women again! 

He and I will talk about the real estate market, and specifically the performance of the greater Phoenix area. We'll talk about the monthly average sale price per square foot, why it's up, and what it means.

I talk about Sedona, my Achilles heel injury, and the HCG diet.

"Diva" Danielle talks about Sedona Air Tours, and we all talk about some incredible (and frightening) experiences in a helicopter. We learn that it's not for everyone, especially our in studio guest! 

Maureen Dorman is with Dress for Success - they are a wonderful organization that helps serve women looking for work by providing them business appropriate attire in a competitive job market. We'll talk about who they serve, what you can donate, and ways you can help.

Danielle is performing Wednesday night, August 5th, at the House of Comedy. Visit their website for more details!