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Own It Girl

Mar 9, 2022

Find out how the rental market could be a sign that we could have more inventory coming on the market. Plus why it's important to follow the aging population when analyzing real estate trends.  The benefits of refinancing. Learn about the  Japanese custom of looking at blood type to figure out personality types. Have extra business clothes you're trying to get rid of? We tell you about Dress For Success and how they will take them off your hands. Plus so much more.
Diane Brennan 
Coldwell Banker Realty
IG: @myrealtordianebrennan
Ashleigh Herman
IG: @ashleigfherman
Courtney Crowder
Loan Officer
Bay Equity Home Loans
IG: @courtneybcrowder
Yael Lanciano
IG @yaellanciano
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The Beverly