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Own It Girl

Jan 14, 2020

Own It Girl's Home Buying Series

  1. Getting Qualified
  2. Home Search
  3. Offer Accepted
  4. Inspection
  5. Appraisal
  6. Appraisal is Low
  7. From Appraisal to Closing on a Home

Welcome to the first episode of our series on buying a home! Join me, Diane Brennan, as we walk through the steps in buying a home. Today Tom Ross and I will start walking you through what you need to do before you ever look at a home.

Why qualify before I start looking?

  • In Arizona you need to before you can make an offer.
  • Time matters in tight markets! Don't miss out on your house.
  • You want to look at homes that you can afford

Now that you know you need to qualify, give your lender, Tom Ross a call. Today Tom covers:

  • How much you need for a down payment. Is it still 20%?
  • What paper work you will need to have for your lender.
  • What your job history will have to do with your qualifying.
  • Credit checks and how pulling your score can affect your score.

And, after all of that, you won't believe the Zillow story I have for you!