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Own It Girl

Jun 16, 2021

We talk about the slight change in the real estate climate, we talk about a friend who was "ghosted" in a relationship and made the terrible mistake of drunk gifting! A little different than drunk dialing! We talk about the poor woman and the lessons learned.

Things I learned On TikTok include that there is now a 5th ocean,
Magic erasers that sell for $7 under the brand name Mr. Clean
are actually melamine sponges that are 200 for $12 on Amazon, and much more.

Tom Ross with Bay Equity talks about the misconceptions about what exactly constitutes a "late payment". He discusses inflation and how you need to understand it's impact on you.  Tom shares great tips you need to get your credit situation in order before buying a home!

Diva Danielle talks about a fun thing to do at Pink Sedona Wine Tours and a volunteer opportunity with South Phoenix Gridiron Classic. They offer free training and instruction for freshman or senior football players. It helps them brush up on their skills for free and they are looking for nurses to volunteer! Call 602-730-1468. It's all happening the weekend of June 19th, 2021.

Diane Brennan with Coldwell Banker Realty, Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans, and "Diva" Danielle Williams break it all down in this week's episode.

Resources and Links:

To reach Diane:

Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow
Instagram @myrealtordianebrennan
Phone: 602-620-2277

To reach Tom:

The Tom Ross Team at Bay Equity website
By phone: 602-684-8200
Office is located at 5635 East Thomas Road, Office 13, Phoenix, AZ 85018 

"Diva" Danielle Williams is @1AndOnlyDivaDanielle on Instagram and here on Facebook! Her Community Link AZ Facebook page is here.