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Own It Girl

Jul 29, 2020

Today we dispel a mistaken assumption that the real estate market is crashing. We are in the trenches and have the Cromford Report data on our side that tells us a very different story. We'll dive into that and we believe you'll agree - it's a seller's market and there are lots of opportunities in this market!

Tom Ross with Bay Equity dives further into it as we go into determining mortgage payments, and why mortgage calculators might not be a good idea compared to asking your lender specifically. There are some factors that a lot of calculators just don't have.

We also talk about appraisers and some of the challenges when dealing with big banks that use appraisal methods that are less than honorable. I'll share an example of an appraiser that gave an estimate because he "used to live near there in college". 

"Diva" Danielle, our community director tells us about several farmer's markets that have opened back up, where they're at, and when they're open! She also shares the volunteer opportunity of the week and details about It's a wonderful organization in need of help!

We'll also talk about skin care - and we're going to chat with Stephanie Kuershner- an RN with Summit Aesthetics here in the Valley. Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge and demonstrates some specific misconceptions about UV rays and skin cancer, talks about Botox, and several other procedures, as well as a deeper dive into applying products, removing products, and more!