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Own It Girl

Nov 4, 2020

In this episode we sort of jump into a conversation that started off air! I kind of intended it to be that way, but we had to cover it. It has to do with opinions about what makes certain guys feel that they can approach certain types of women with much closer to "inappropriate" conversation than others.

In the "Defend the Caveman" segment, we'll talk about one word Danielle received by text. "MEOW"! It's an off an on text from a guy and we will poll our guys and see what they think.

Tom Ross with Bay Equity and I will talk about the increase in the properties added in ARMLS in October - up over 66% over last year! It's incredible. And if you are under the impression that this is flooding the market - most of all of those are already under contract. We discuss some crazy trends in today's markets with thanks to Tina Tamboer and the Cromford Report for the data.

"Diva" talks about a fun thing to do. JAZZ Under the Stars is back at the NASH. She also talks about a volunteer opportunity with A New Leaf. Last year they served 26,973 individuals and homeless and domestic violence shelters with services, affordable housing solutions, youth services, foster care, counseling, financial literacy, neighborhood economic development, workforce support, and community services. Check them out by clicking here.