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Own It Girl

Nov 11, 2020

On today's episode we have a bit of fun while Diane is away for the week! We will talk about a lot of interesting things, including;

Cheesy pick up lines! We'll talk with Tom Ross of Bay Equity, who frankly can hardly remember the lines because they were so long ago, but he has a real shocker he heard back in his days he was single and in a band. "Chief" the producer has a couple of very funny and straightforward lines he delivered as well.

We talk about how life has gotten back to a less crazy level since the election is over, and we talk about the late Alex Trebec, who passed away recently after a long fight against Pancreatic cancer.

Danielle talks with Tom about a really interesting thought about people's approach and decision to buy in the Phoenix market, considering the population growth and amazing real estate market.

Danielle also talks about the Aris Foundation and Lost Ones Found. They need your help. They meet each week on Tuesdays and Tempe and would love some specific clothing and miscellaneous item donations. They focus on helping those less fortunate and homeless. Go to for more details.

If you like to sip wine and paint, the Painter's Lounge in the downtown Phoenix art district is for you! Sign up online to take the classes or stream the classes online. Visit for details.