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Own It Girl

Nov 18, 2020

On our 50th episode, Diane Brennan is back! Danielle and Tom discuss the week previous and how they fared while Diane was out. 

On today's show we'll talk about lending with Tom Ross, and we talked about 'Defend the Caveman' segment and our video promo producer made a judgement call and used a bit of a crude meme at the end of the promo we used a couple of weeks ago. We'll review and decide what the crew thinks, plus talk about some other crude behavior.

We'll talk about the state of the market (it's great news) and the direction the markets are going. Tom Ross with Bay Equity will go into the psychology for potential buyers and borrowers with all of the interesting market conditions.

"Diva" Danielle will talk about a fun thing to do at Schnepf Farms and their Holiday on the Farm event! Click here for the event details on Facebook. The charitable event is with Phoenix World Art Collective Turkey Drive. It's a great cause and you can get more information at

Simple Learning LLC an individualized approach to learning differently. Our guest Tina Kramer talks about creating a learning curriculum for kids. She talks about how she worked first hand in kids education overseas and saw some distinctions with how kids were being taught, as well as how she felt she could help. Starting Simple Learning was how she got started. To get more information, you can reach Tina at 812-614-7614 or go to her website at