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Own It Girl

Jan 7, 2020

Diane Brennan, Tina Tamboer, from the Cromford Report, and Tom Ross discuss the life altering event, divorce.

Diane shares what your lawyer won't tell you about real estate post divorce. This tip could save you thousands of dollars! Also, how the purchase of a new home, post divorce, will look. Lastly, should you be sleeping with your door opened or closed? Diane clues you in on your safest option.

Tina shares her personal experience and some other common pitfalls to avoid. And, what is happening right now with the market as well as what she expects to see in the coming months.

Tom looks at your credit and options in real estate as you proceed through divorce. And your new financial picture as your income and expenses change dramatically. As well as breaking down interest rates and how they change, including the role that lenders play in the changes.

Looking to buy property after a divorce?

  • Take your time in finding the right place
  • Know your priorities
  • Give yourself time to grieve and heal