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Own It Girl

Jul 8, 2020

On this episode we are going to give you a very broad range of topics, including ghosts, roofs, a romantic event for the ladies, and much more!

I'm joined as always by "Diva" Danielle Williams, and Tom Ross with Bay Equity. We also have Jen the Builder!

First, Tom talks about six common mistakes when you refinance a home. There are so many areas that are critical - these unfortunately these happen all too often.

Six Common Mistakes When You Refinance

  • Not comparison shopping
  • Looking for zero percent interest
  • Taking too long to make your decision
  • Not having paperwork organized
  • Forgetting about mortgage closing costs
  • Not being patient

Our Social Community Director (The Diva) tells us about a romantic setting at Pomo in the Biltmore area (directions here). Tim Jones is a wonderful musician that plays there Friday nights from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. You can catch him at the Biltmore Fashion Park at 24th Street and Camelback.

Danielle also talks about an organization called Finding My Shoes, run by Brenda Combs. They help supply goods and services to the homeless in the Valley and they need your support. They're located at 5701 West Hazelwood, Phoenix, AZ 85031.

We also talk to Jen the Builder (Instagram). She's a female general contractor that works here in the Valley and she's an amazing wealth of knowledge. Today we'll talk about roofing. You're going to be shocked at some of the things that happen. Jen will tell you what to watch for when considering a roof type, what to ask when subcontracting the work, and much more. You can get much more at her website at, or call 480-925-2995.

And I tell a scary ghost story about my condo! I wouldn't have believed it if there weren't two different, very strange incidents...