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Own It Girl

Mar 25, 2020

And yes, we do mean now! We are definitely in uncertain and unprecedented times...with the volatility in the stock market a lot of people are worried. It turns out the virus isn't the problem. It's the panicked reaction to it - fear and anxiety is really out of control.

Things are changing constantly and we're all trying to find a new "normal". I'll share a funny story about a valet who presented himself as "not afraid of all this germ stuff", and what I saw after we shook hands..

Then we'll jump right in to the top 5 reasons to buy a home right now (yes, right now) in Arizona.

  1. You need somewhere to live!
  2. Cash investors are out - which can be good for you!
  3. Prices are going to continue to rise
  4. Affordability is normal
  5. Prices are going up...but mortgage interest rates are DOWN

And we may even give you a bonus reason!!

I talk with the regular cast of experts Tom Ross with Bay Equity and Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report.

Thanks to Michael Land who put together our incredible theme music (visit for more info), and Brian DuBose with OnWeb Productions who puts the podcast together!