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Own It Girl

Mar 17, 2021

On this episode, Diane Brennan of Coldwell Banker Realty and Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans work hard to dispel the continued hype that somehow this market will fall apart. NOT TRUE! They give some hard facts that will give you the myriad reasons why.

Diane talks about Diva's special coming up this weekend where she is featured as a cancer survivor.

She also shares some really funny stuff from TikTok - hilarious and helpful content!

The gang talks to Chief (the producer) about his interview he did at the NASCAR race last week and Diane shares a special message with Tom on his return about his fill-in crew last week and how highly they think of him.

Diane shares a funny story about a friend who chose a different realtor and what they wanted from Diane, and Danielle shares a fun thing to do at Country Fusion nights at Scootin Boots, and a really cool volunteer opportunity with Project Roots AZ, educating the community on growing their own foods.

Resources and Links:

To reach Diane:

Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow
Instagram @myrealtordianebrennan
Phone: 602-620-2277

To reach Tom:
The Tom Ross Team at Bay Equity website
By phone: 602-684-8200
Office is located at 5635 East Thomas Road, Office 13, Phoenix, AZ 85018

"Diva" Danielle Williams is @1AndOnlyDivaDanielle on Instagram and here on Facebook!