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Own It Girl

Sep 15, 2021

On this episode we talk about a new spa in town, and how much we love massages, pedicures, and more. We talk about cash out refi's, desktop appraisals, and more.

We also take a deep look at new builds. If you're looking for a place to live, we'll help you find out where the new builds are. We talk about the still heavy demand, but we'll help you find some spots in We'll talk about Meritage and Lansea breaking new ground and a new development in Vistancia.

Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans talks about appraisals, gives some helpful information regarding cash out refi's, and more.

And is there going to be a new city in the middle of the desert? Diane Brennan talks about Telosa, a plan to have a city that intends to create a new global standard for urban living, expands human potential, and hopes to become a blueprint for future generations.

Diva Danielle, our Social Community Director talks about a fun thing to do at the Roadrunner Restaurant & Saloon, featuring live music, bull rides, cowboys, and tasty food. Click here for more information. She also talks about a volunteer opportunity with the Red Cross. Click here to see volunteer opportunities.

Resources and Links:

To reach Diane:

Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow
Instagram @myrealtordianebrennan
Phone: 602-620-2277

To reach Tom:

The Tom Ross Team at Bay Equity website
By phone: 602-684-8200
Office is located at 5635 East Thomas Road, Office 13, Phoenix, AZ 85018

To reach Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report:

"Diva" Danielle Williams is @1AndOnlyDivaDanielle on Instagram and here on Facebook! Her Community Link AZ Facebook page is here.