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Own It Girl

Jul 22, 2020

What a fun episode we have for you!! The regular cast of characters is here, but we got to sit down with some former NFL players and talk about body recovery and self-care. Jude Adjei-Barimah and Gabe Martin with Pro Recovery Zone at the Biltmore Fashion Park are in studio with us today!

Ladies we’re going to learn why what you do after exercise may be just as (if not more) important than your workouts.

Danielle and I did a body restoration experience last week and we must talk about it! Everything from calorie burning, fast healing, and several modalities that they focus on are part of the conversation. 

We talk to Tom Ross with Bay Equity about working with certain banks and how they approach Arizona when they are out of state. 

I'll talk about the City of Chandler, and besides a fun bit of historical trivia about the city, we'll give you some data from the Cromford Report that talks about home prices there.

"Diva" Danielle will talk about horseback riding as a fun activity to do, and a wonderful volunteer organization called Zuri's Circle that helps families, homeless, and seniors!