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Own It Girl

Apr 15, 2020

On today's show we discuss the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the impact on the real estate markets. Some really interesting numbers are coming out and you don't want to miss Tina Tamboer's analysis of the Arizona real estate market! 

If you watch the news you could be quick to assume that every single part of the real estate industry is in freefall; and in some areas there are challenges - no question about it. But as you'll find out in this episode, for the most part prices are not falling for real estate.

High end real estate purchases by investors are about the only area where the buyer is completely stepping aside - and this is creating an interesting (and positive) dynamic in the market. Tina and Tom talk about home affordability and what that lack of price "run up" does for the average homebuyer.

Share this with friends - especially those who are buying or selling! It's important to keep a level head in times like these.

We also talk about what we're doing in our spare time with social distancing and staying home - like a sex education party with friends online!