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Own It Girl

Apr 22, 2020

So we’re into this a month, a month and a half. Many people are confused and frustrated. Outside of some of the tips in today’s episode…my best advice is get off social media! Not only are people fighting with their friends but you’re getting hit with a bunch of misinformation from so called “experts”.

We all know how the algorithms work, you search one thing….you get a bunch of ads and offers about the same thing. It’s no different than info on the Coronovirus virus and we’ll talk about a few articles in particular that are flashy headlines that use the word “crash” among others. Wait until you hear what constitutes a crash in the real estate market!

First, if you need help paying your mortgage contact your lender now! Many are doing deferment plans – and Tom Ross will tell you exactly what might and will not be reported to the credit bureaus.

There is some local help as well that was set up during the housing crash from the late 2000’s. The “Save Our Home AZ" program offers principal reduction assistance, monthly mortgage subsidy assistance for under and unemployed Arizonans, and second lien elimination assistance to qualified Arizona homeowners. The program’s goal is to aid Arizona’s homeowners in avoiding foreclosure by assisting with mortgage affordability.

Tina Tamboer of the Cromford Report will discuss the current market data that you will want to hear. There is encouraging news on several fronts, and again, using facts – not flashy panic inspired headlines and clickbait.