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Own It Girl

Aug 11, 2021

Today Diane Brennan and friends cover a lot of interesting area. We mix it up and touch on a lot of important points, including a conversation that Diane had and wanted to share from Judy Lowe (real estate commissioner), the Wildcat Subdivision nightmares.

Tom Ross with Bay Equity Home Loans jumps in and talks with Diane about some of the unintended consequences of this real estate rush. Diane talks about some examples of people getting duped because of the limited options they had while rushing to buy a house and foregoing an inspection.

We talk about the Zoom lawsuit, and learn about "Zoom Bombing"; Diane breaks down the latest real estate supply levels thanks to the Cromford Report; and Tom hits some critical things to keep in mind regarding credit scores.

"Diva" Danielle talks about a volunteer opportunity with United Food Bank. With school back in session they need help with food drives and volunteers at the center where she volunteers. Visit

She also shares a fun thing to do - by taking a step back in time at a Speakeasy! You can cool off and sip nostalgic creative cocktails and taste the delights of lite bites in an adult atmosphere.
Visit THE WHITE RABBIT in Gilbert for more details.

Resources and Links:

To reach Diane:

Facebook is /ThatRealEstateShow
Instagram @myrealtordianebrennan
Phone: 602-620-2277

To reach Tom:

The Tom Ross Team at Bay Equity website
By phone: 602-684-8200
Office is located at 5635 East Thomas Road, Office 13, Phoenix, AZ 85018

To reach Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report:

"Diva" Danielle Williams is @1AndOnlyDivaDanielle on Instagram and here on Facebook! Her Community Link AZ Facebook page is here.