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Own It Girl

Mar 5, 2020

First you gotta find someone to help you… do you use a realtor, real estate agent, or a broker? We’re going to talk today about the difference and we’ll also give you the scoop on discount brokerages.

Also we’ve been hearing all over the radio and television about these businesses that will buy your home as well. We’re going to take a very deep look at this. Clients ask me regularly about these companies and whether there is a catch. Here’s a spoiler…there DEFINITELY is a catch! We’re going to explain it to you.

As we do each week, we'll talk to Tom Ross with Bay Equity along with data analyst Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report.

Some show notes for your reference while listening to the different types of brokers is below. Thanks for listening!

Types of discount real estate brokers;
Low Commission (Percentage) – a low commission broker who offers a greatly reduced commission percentage when selling your home

  1. Low Commission (Flat Rate) – a low commission broker who offers a flat rate when selling your home
  2. Hybrid Real Estate Brokers – hybrid model that is a combination of low commissions and flat rates when selling your home
  3. 2 for 1 – 2 for 1 model that is based on the agreement of buy a house with the agent and they will sell yours for free
  4. No Commission (Flat Fee MLS) – The no commission model that really means you’re selling the house yourself but there are a few valuable MLS listing services offered by a real estate agent
  5. Buyer Rebates – The buyer rebates model where real estate agents agree to refund a portion of the commission they receive to the buyer

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