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Own It Girl

Feb 26, 2020

Diane Brennan continues with number seven in the Home Buying Series. It's time to talk about the time from the appraisal to closing on a home.

First, we discuss "mansplaining". We get into what it was and Diane tells a funny story about something that happened to her, told a friend, and was told about this term. We discuss what it was and how often it seems to happen! Also how irritating it is!

Diane jumps in with Tom Ross, an experienced lender with Bay Equity, about the what he is finding in trends with his buyers.

Tom talks about low inventory and talks about another approach Tina Tamboer takes when measuring that in the market.

We'll talk about percentages of sales above, at, and below listing price, with some interesting results for February.

We also talk snakes, Africanized bees, and coyotes!